Breaking Up 2010

Goodbye 2010


Goodbye 2010.  It’s been real, but I have to move on. I just can’t do this anymore.  No, it’s not you; it’s me. You weren’t all bad…


 I quit my job.
I made a good friend.
I met his parents (even though I was afraid they’d be underwhelmed).
He met my mom (even though I was afraid she’d overreact).
I rocked a fro.


 I had yummy bananas foster for breakfast at Brennan’s in New Orleans.

I lost 30 pounds.

I gained 29 pounds.

my next* purchase

 I flirted with strangers.
I languished over my broken heart.
I pacified myself with real estate porn.

my dog's poo tunnel


I ignored the doorbell when my house was a mess.
I shoveled my own snow.
I let my mom give me lunch money.

Church of the Nativity

 I prayed more.
I barely went to church.
I went to other people’s weddings.
I went to other people’s funerals.

fancy, huh?

 I went back to college.
I didn’t teach my dog sit.
I tried dozens of new beers.
I reunited with old friends.

I learned all about eye shadow on YouTube. 

ahhhh, Costa Rica


I dreamed of what 2011 would bring!

One comment

  1. * contingent upon the winning of multi-state, multi-million dollar lottery.

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