Motivation #3

I thought these jeans would fit by now.

They’re size 18. I wore them in 2008 when I weighed around 210. I set a goal to wear these pants on February 1st, but that ain’t happenin’. I’m discouraged and disappointed. 

I originally hoped to lose 15 pounds in January.  I mean if anybody can lose 15 pounds in a month, wouldn’t it be the person who’s 80 pounds overweight? It shouldn’t be that hard to do at this point. I work out, I eat healthful foods. Yet It looks like my January weight loss will be less than 10 pounds. I said before that I wasn’t going to obsess about how much I lose each week as long as I keep moving forward. But I still feel like I should be making more progress.

This is normally the stage in a weight-loss attempt where I would quit…get a #9 from McDonald’s with a Hi-C orange and 3 oatmeal cookies. Game Over. But that doesn’t jive with my intentions.

Just keep swimming.

So I’m progressing more slowly than anticipated.  So I still only have 3 pairs of size 20 pants that fit me this winter because I can’t wear the 18s yet. So I won’t make the February 1st goal.  I’m not going to quit today. I’m motivated to keep going. I promise to stop trying these jeans on every day. (It’s too disheartening.) I promise to examine my food and workout routines for potential pitfalls. I promise to just keep swimming. And soon enough these pants will fit!


  1. Exactly! Keep swimming! But is that your goal? Isn’t ‘living’ healthy already quite a good progress? I think it is!

    1. Great point! Living healthy is my goal, not seeing a specific number on a scale.

  2. […] then they got bigger! Not good for a size 18 chick. (Oh yeah, did I mention I’m size 18 now? Remember these jeans? Sayonara […]

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