How January Measures Up


1/1/2011  2/1/2011
Bust  44”  43”
Waist  37”  37”
Belly  43”  41”
Hips  49.5”  47”
Thigh  31”  29.5”
Arm  15”  14”

In January I lost 7.6 pounds. I lost an inch or two from everywhere but my already dainty waist. *Blanche Devereaux voice* And I built up to running 1 full mile!

Also, my Spring semester started at school, I became a weekly volunteer at AIDS Delaware, and I rekindled my romance with General Hospital’s Jason Morgan thanks to YouTube.

Yes, I live a full life.

Not everything went as planned. Last week I was all about telling January “F*ck You!” But, woo-saah, I gained a little perspective and I’m counting January as a success.  Yes my scale was acting ugly, but the tape measure and I are working things out. Now February’s here.  What’s on my agenda?  Well, I hope to lose 10 more pounds, another inch or two from everywhere, and build up to running 2.5 full miles. I may even do the Valentine’s Day 5k in town, but I’m not committing to any winter event in advance. When there’s snow and ice outside, I prefer rest over motion.

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