Week 5 Weigh-In

February 6, 2011

I’m moving in the right direction.

I’ll admit I was a little lax with the P90X workouts. It was my recovery week in P90x but I did few of the scheduled workouts. I ate ok, but I did hit up McDonald’s for some fries on Wednesday. I even had a drink or four Friday night after the comedy show. But I still ran/walked as planned, and the fries I ate didn’t suck me into the black hole of bacon cheeseburgers and cookie dough.

With 10 pounds lost, my Stay Home Syndrome is starting to go into remission. When I got a last-minute invite, I said yes before I had the What in the World Will I Wear So I Don’t Look Like The Blob panic attack. But the attack didn’t last long. I went into my closet and pulled out the XL blazer that, when I bought it, was too tight in the arms and wouldn’t button. I put on my minimizer bra that mashes everything into submission, I removed the tag (that’s been on the blazer since I bought it in 2009) and I slipped the blazer on. It went over my arms perfectly, and then…I buttoned it. Oh joy! It fit! I can’t tell you how happy I was. So happy in fact, that I celebrated with a few too many vodka and pineapple’s that night. But these were my first drinks since the new year, so I figured I’d do an extra treadmill workout and keep it moving.

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