Motivation #4

Shock and Awe.

About once every two or three months my Stay Home Syndrome goes into remission and I go out with some buddies. Lately it’s been happy hour with some former co-workers. I quit my job in August 2010, and when they invite me out I usually say no because I feel awkwardly out of place with them. They’re young and thin and when they post pictures of us on Facebook, I look terrible. I’ve written about this before.

In the last two weeks I’ve hung out with them a couple of times. Since I’m working out regularly this year, I feel much better about my body even though I don’t look much different yet (thank you, endorphins!). But I can’t wait to shock them with a fabulous new body!

I don’t think I’ll look much different by St. Patrick’s Day weekend’s bar crawl, but come Memorial Day…Ka-BOOM!

Another of my former co-workers, MK, lost at least 50 pounds last year, and every time we saw her we would gush over how awesome she looked and how proud we were of her hard work. She even inspired others to improve their bodies (including me). I want that. I want to be the next MK. It’s a pretty shallow goal, but honestly, my drive to get fit isn’t only about lowering my risk for diabetes or being able to participate in demanding physical activities. I want to look hot hotter.

I want to sit on a bar stool and not panic about how I look from behind. I want to wear cropped skinny tights or whatever the thin-chick trend is. I want to plan a beach vacation without packing a bunch of “swimsuit alternatives”. I want Stay Home Syndrome to go to hell! So I’m going to the gym.

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