Week 8 Weigh-In


February 27, 2011


The scale reads 216.2. Sorry about the glare.

I ran 2 miles straight Saturday! Even after my 2 week running hiatus, I feel pretty good on the treadmill. I covered 4.7 miles total including some walking (3.5mph @ 1% incline) and running (5.3mph with 0 – 1.0% incline) intervals. I started with a .25 mile walk. Then I ran 2 miles. Then intervals.  I think yesterday’s run was the best I’ve felt so far all year. I felt energized and strong.

I think the good workout was the result of 3 factors working together:

  1. Friday was my rest day. I didn’t do any P90X or running that day so my body was fully rested and hydrated on Saturday.
  2. I ran a couple of hours after a pretty high-carb lunch. I usually run either before breakfast or after my low-carb dinner.  But Saturday I had a couple different carbs for lunch then ran 3 hours later.
  3. Great music. My iPod really had me moving. I listened to a playlist of Black Eyed Peas, Kelis and David Guetta. I felt like I could run all day. *Fist pump for fitness!*

Next week’s goal is to get below my week 5 weight of 214.

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