How February Measures Up


Comedian Bruce Bruce and me after the show 2/4/2011

2/1/2011     3/1/2011
Bust   43”    43″
Waist 37”    36.5″
Belly   41”    40.5″ 
Hips   47”    46″
Thigh 29.5”  29″
Arm   14”     14.25″

I had two TERRIBLE weeks in February. I already told you about that. So I wasn’t expecting to see any lost inches or pounds for the month. Considering the pit I threw myself in, I did OK. Yes, I only lost 1.4 net pounds in February. But it really could have been worse. Believe me.

The real success of February is that I didn’t quit.  I can’t tell you how many times I lost a few pounds, had a few bad days, got discouraged, and quit. This time I recognized the pattern and put a stop to it. Sure I wish I could have stopped after 1 meal or 1 day or even 1 week instead of 2 full weeks. But I stopped. The lesson in this is best summed up by a weight loss blogger Yahoo! put me on to.  Theodora from said that after we go overboard we sometimes think “I already ate one cookie. I might as well finish off the box.” That’s like getting a flat tire and saying “Well, I might as well slash the other tires too.” Who would do that? Not me. (One day remind me to tell you about how much I love cars. It’s genetic.) But I for darn sure did slash a couple tires this month. But not all.  I got back on track and even made a little progress.

Also, I definitely see a difference in my thighs, which are 2 inches smaller since January 1. Most of my size 18 pants are soooo close to fitting comfortably. I think I’ll be in them all by St. Patty’s Day.

And I can’t forget the running progress!  I ran 2.5 straight miles Sunday, so I achieved one February goal! Week 1 I think I walked 4 minutes / ran 2 minutes. And that was a struggle.  Now I can run for a full 30 minutes before I walk.

So onto the next one. I’m excited for March. I plan to add 1/2 mile to my run each week to get to 5 straight miles by April 1. I’d like to lose 10 pounds. And I’d like to have more good days than terrible. Here’s to bringing March in like a lion! *Roar*

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