My Blogging Commitment

I subscribe to some blogs where the blogger seems to go off the grid and not announce that they’re not coming back.  And like my loyal dog Star, I stand by the figurative internet door waiting for their return. 

I totally understand why people stop blogging or at least put things on hold, and their reasons are none of my business.  But I get attached.  And I don’t want to stop checking the blog because, well, I might miss their glorious new posts announcing cash giveaways and Lupe Fiasco live performance info or free coffee day at Dunkin’ Donuts or something. 

I won’t do this to you (this year).  Today I commit to you that I will be posting on this blog at least once a week for all of 2011.

I know life gets busy and time often gets away from me, but I think it’ll be  a challenge sometimes and annoying other times. Oh, and fun too.  It’ll also keep me accountable in my weight loss journey.  I know when I have a bad week or month, I’ll be tempted to just hide in shame. But that won’t happen.  Real talk.  Therefore I’m promising to make use of The Daily Post and the community of other bloggers with similar goals.

So keep me honest. And let me know you’re with me.  See you (at least) every week!


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