Motivation #5

Guess what I discovered while walking through the park this week.  It’s almost Spring!







Ahhh Springtime. When the skirts and open-toe shoes are released from captivity and we peel off the layers of clothing and fat to enjoy the sun. I’m motivated to work out today! P90X Legs and Back time!


  1. I hope we have spring. Down here in New Orleans sometimes we go straight from mild winter to 100 degree summer.

    I would love to keep the air conditioner off until mid may.

    Have a great weekend

    The Grumpy Man, now with 100% more grump because of Walmart

    1. I used to live in Texas, and I remember those days. A/C all the time. Now during the winter I’m like “Yuck, why do I live in the Northeast?” But when Spring hits, I remember. 🙂

      I hope you get at least a taste of Spring before the heat hits you.

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