Motivation #6

I’m running the 12th Annual Kelly’s Logan House 5k in three days!  I haven’t run a 5k since August 2007. Wow. I’m excited!

My goal is just to run the entire thing…no walking. Based on my runs this week, I should be fine. My only request is that the weather be cooperative. Not too much wind, please.

This race should be fun. Kelly’s Logan House is a local bar, so FREE POST-RACE BEER! There’s usually a great turn-out. And the race is to benefit the National Parkinson Foundation.

Today and Friday I’m motivated to run so that Sunday I can have a good time.


  1. NubianEmpress · · Reply

    I tried 5k’s but I had to give up the ghost on them jawns…I knew it was over when my dad was beating me in a foot race like I stole something 😛

    Good luck on your race!

    1. That’s funny! I really like running, but I’ve accepted my super-slow status. I think part of the attraction is that no extra equipment is needed except for shoes, and I’m cheap!

  2. NubianEmpress · · Reply

    i dig 🙂

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