Week 10 Weigh-In

March 13, 2011

Too much effort for results like this. I need a better plan.

Weight loss is not making any sense to me. My scientific approach has been to burn approximately 3,500 calories per week by working out (1 pound) and to create a 3,500 calorie weekly deficit (1 pound) in calories eaten compared to what I used to eat to get up to 225 pounds. And I have been burning at least 3,500 calories per week from my 6 to 8 hour-long workouts. At 225 I was eating about 1,800 calories just for dinner. Most weeks I ate 9,000 calories per week from McDonald’s alone. I’m not doing that now. I should be losing 2 pounds per week. But I’m not.

I don’t know what to do.

What’s the point of sweating for 8 hours a week and not eating what I want to still weigh 215? I haven’t even lost enough to go from obese to just overweight. No lessened breast cancer risk. No decreased likelihood of developing diabetes. Nothing. With all that hard work. 

Ten pounds in ten weeks. People do that just cutting out soda. I’m ready to throw up my hands and quit. Except…

  • the 10 pounds got me into smaller pants
  • I can run 3 miles now
  • at my current pace I can still get below 200 pounds by my birthday. That would be a decent gift to myself. 

    just keep swimming

So I’m not quitting. Every other week the scale gives me fits. And each time I say I’ll focus on the other results instead of the scale. That’s easier said than done. But I’ll try.


  1. You are losing weight but you are also putting on muscle with all the working out. In the end you will be much healthier but I certainly understand the frustration of the scale not moving.

    Start measuring yourself each week. You should see improvement there even if the scale doesn’t move. And that will keep your attitude more positive when that stinker of a scale refuses to move down.

    Keep up the great work

    The Grumpy Man

    1. I really appreciate your encouragement! I measure myself also, but the scale’s just right there taunting me 😦 .

  2. Believe me. Many a day, including today, I want to toss the scale off my 3rd story balcony and watch it smash on the pavement. 😀

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