What’s the Point?

Today’s weigh-in has me down. But it’s not the scale I’m mad at. My former boyfriend got engaged. I got sad. Truth be told, I thought about that a lot this week. Crappy Spring Break.

Then the tsunami hit Japan. More than 10,000 people killed. What’s the point of any of it? Fitness. Eating well. Love. Why do it if we all just end up dead?

Not a rhetorical question.

My answer today, I guess, would be that even though the destination is the same for all of us, we control how much we enjoy the journey.  So that’s the point. I want to enjoy the journey. In Costa Rica. With my independently wealthy, surfer husband and our adorable dreadlocked kids. To get to that part of the journey I need to be fit and healthy, because what surfer’s gonna want to drag around a mildly depressed couch potato? Also not a rhetorical question. If you know any, email me.


  1. I seriously *love* your sense of humour…and your honesty. Personally, it doesn’t always take a lot to set me “off”, in a manner of speaking — off of my routine, off of my healthy eating patterns, off of my motivational kicks. I am a sensitive person by nature and when life’s hard knocks come, I get sad. BUT. What I’ve learned is NOT to give up and how to get back on the horse if I’ve needed to jump off for awhile. You seem like a strong minded woman! So have faith in yourself, give yourself credit for the fact that you CARE about being healthy and that you HAVEN’T given up even when faced with difficulties. And, keep on blogging in the free world! It helps to get this stuff out!

    1. Thanks Ambina! It does help to get this stuff out. Sometimes I’m over it before I even hit “Publish”.

      I’m finally learning the “don’t give up” lesson in several parts of my life. I already know what quitting gets me. Now I’m ready to break through to the other side!

  2. LMBO!! Costa Rica would be sweet. . .sounds a lot like my “good life” vision. Keep up your hard work and focus on “living” healthy, not just the weight loss.

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