Like a Star

I’ve gotten inspiration from a lot of different sources to start living a healthier lifestyle. Today I want to tell you about my littlest inspiration. My dog Star. 🙂

I adopted Star almost 2 years ago after I saw her picture on  She was just as adorable in person as she was in her photo, and I brought her home the next day. She’s been a good companion — a mix of lap dog and workout buddy. But it’s her relationship with food that is most influential.

Crazy, right? 

I’m pretty much obsessed with food. I barely finish a meal without thinking what will be next. If I have something particularly delicious in the vicinity, I can’t focus on anything but shoving it into my mouth. Star’s not like that. She enjoys food, whether it’s her dry food or a dog treat or a slice of cheese from the fridge. But she’s likes to savor her food. Even plays with it sometimes. She doesn’t leave treats for later, but she doesn’t gulp either. Then when she’s done, there’s no begging for more. She just goes on about her business — napping in the sunlight — confident that she’ll get more later.

My parents’ overweight Cairn Terrier Bebe is the anti-Star.  Bebe is a greedy girl. When Star and I visit, if I put out both dishes, she gobbles up Star’s food while Star’s still running around working up her appetite. Then of course Bebe eats her own food too. It’s so bad I have to feed Star inside her kennel. I’m the Bebe in this story. I want to be the Star instead. I think I fixate on food because it’s something I can control. But fixating makes the food control me instead. And it had controlled me right up to 225 lbs. 

I’m not ready to test my Star quality.  There’s nothing binge-worthy in my house right now. But when there is, I’ll work on my new mantra: What would Star do?  So actually she’d probably lick herself and run laps around the dining room table. But you get the point. 


  1. My dad’s dog is a Bebe. She gulps down everything and then begs for more.

    The Grumpy Man

  2. It it more fun being a Bebe…until she gets too fat to jump into the recliner.

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