How March Measures Up

             3/1         4/1
Bust    43”       42.5″
Waist 36.5″    35.5″
Belly   40.5″   39.5″
Hips    46″       45.5″
Thigh 29″        28.5″
Arm   14.25″   14″

Decent results for the month. I did count 8 days that I totally screwed up, but 8’s less than 31. I know, because I’m in college.

I don’t have time to do a full post today; I’m in high demand. I also haven’t had time lately to plan meals ahead or make good food choices or work out. This past week, I’ve been terrible. Turrible. Lots of cravings. Lots of giving in. Then trying to run on a McDonald’s #9 with 3 oatmeal cookies. Yuck. I’m pulling it together now. This is not the time to backslide. Three months til my birthday!


  1. Nice numbers!

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