Week 15 Weigh-In

April 17, 2011


I didn’t even want to post this weigh-in (which explains why it’s 5 days late). I didn’t work out at all the week of the 10th and I ate poorly. It’s the end of the semester and I’ve been in full-on procrastination payback mode — lots of work due now.  Also, there was a lot of celebrating and eating out. 4 nights of eating and drinking whatever in restaurants. But to gain 3 POUNDS!?! So frustrating! Especially when it takes me almost a month to lose this amount.

So Wednesday I joined Weight Watchers Online. I need SOMETHING. The first couple days on WW has shown me that I wasn’t doing a good job of compensating for the bad stuff I eat with good stuff. I was just writing it off like “Oh well”. But the points should help keep me honest.

Since I posted this so late and since Sunday’s Easter, I’ll probably give myself another day to work off some weight and post Week 16’s weight on Monday.


  1. Sorry to hear about your frustration, but good for you for joining WW. I have a friend who LOVES it. Good luck!

    1. Thanks. I needed some help. The DIY wasn’t working for me.

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