Week 18 Weigh-In

May 8, 2011

Zero pounds lost this week. But I’m not too disappointed. I’ll have better results next week. A couple days ago the scale said I’d gained 2 pounds. (My scale’s an a–hole.) I’m just glad to be back to 207.

This week I knew I had a couple of potential pitfalls, so I saved up some points for some Cinco de Mayo drinks and a Mother’s Day brunch. I still managed to eat healthily and stay within my WW point allowance. So I feel like I’m getting in the swing of things. I only worked out twice last week, but the semester’s over — Hallelujah! —  so I can get back to daily exercise.

I’m now able to see the results of the 18 pound weight loss. Saturday I wore a skirt to brunch that would’ve choked the life out of me 3 months ago. And I looked hot! (You know, brunch-with-Mom hot.) Even though I’m far from reaching my goal range, and even though I’m super frustrated about still not being below 200 pounds, it was nice to enjoy the progress so far.

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