Week 19 Weigh-In

I ate well last week, but I only worked out 3 days. No school, so I really had no excuse except I didn’t feel like it. Then on the days I did workout, I ate a little more, basically wiping out most of the workout. Weight Watchers lets you save your activity points or use them. So this week my goal is 6 workouts — 3 runs, 3 P90X workouts — without eating up my activity points.

I also need to try some new foods. I made these South Beach Diet-friendly ricotta muffins. Yuck. I bought natural peanut butter, but after I got it home I saw that the natural PB had the same nutritional info as the sweet honey roasted peanut butter I’ve been eating. So I guess I bought the wrong stuff. Oops. I bought Arnold’s sandwich thins. Delicious, but I haven’t been in a sandwich-y mood because I can’t figure out how to work cheese into my daily point allowance. (I’d rather save the points for something dessert-y.) Oh and about  dessert…I made the mistake of getting Special K chocolate cereal. Not great, but what did I expect? I’ve never ever liked any chocolate cereal. What can I say…I’m a purist.

This week I need to figure out how to work in some actual chocolate, before I lose my freakin’ mind!

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