Week 20 Weigh-In

May 22, 2011

This week’s weight loss is a milestone for me. According to the CDC’s guidelines, I’m no longer obese…just plain old overweight. So I’ve just significantly reduced my risk for diabetes, heart disease, breast cancer, infertility and high blood pressure. Go me!

Milestone #2…Friday night, while I was rockin’ a size 16 pencil skirt I bought in 2006 but could never fit into, I was on the receiving end of the “You’ve lost weight! You look great!” compliment. Finally! And from more than 1 person. So it’s showing. I should’ve taken pictures. It was the perfect storm of smaller body and bigger hair. That combo’s a keeper.

Big hair…earlier that day.


  1. Yay! That is awesome. What an important milestonse. I can’t wait until I am just overweight. I know that sounds weird but I am sure you understand what I mean. It must have felt great hearing people’s compliments. It is hard for us to notice big changes because we see ourselves everyday. It is great when others recognize our progress. I am sure you look amazing!

    1. I understand totally. Who knew being overweight would be a milestone! It can be hard to see the progress for myself, so the compliments were very encouraging! The best way for me to see the progress for myself is trying on the old, too big clothes. It’s like”I can’t believe these pants used to be tight on me!”

  2. sugafixdolls · · Reply

    Well Done! that’s great!!! keep up the awesome work 🙂

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