Week 21 Weigh-In

May 29, 2011

Dietz and Watson makes a delicious hot dog. If you don’t live in the PA/NJ/DE area, I’m sorry for you. You probably don’t know the perfection that is a really good hot dog. But I do know. All too well. I enjoy a good barbecue, but I don’t get overly excited about ribs or burgers or steaks on the grill. In fact, I pass all those up for a good hot dog. The Memorial Day 4-day weekend has been mmm-mmm-good. And I’ve come out of it 0.2 pounds heavier.

I didn’t throw Weight Watchers out the window these last couple days, but I did exceed my points allowance and use up all my activity points. Last week at 202.0 I thought I might hit 199 by June 1. Well, maybe June 5 will be the day. l didn’t really have a pre-BBQ plan. I knew 1 hot dog on a bun is 9 points, and I get 32 points a day. But I didn’t really work the rest of the day around the festivities. I still ate the usual breakfast and snacks. I still had a few drinks. I’ll definitely do a better job of prepping for the 4th of July.


  1. I love a good hot dog. I haven’t had one since last July 4th and I plan to once again have one this July 4th. Heck, I love a bad hot dog. 😀

    Good luck on hitting your next goal.

    The Grumpy Man

    1. A one-year hot dog hiatus? Your will-power is impressive!

  2. To me, the actual hot dog isn’t all that important — it’s all the great stuff I put on it!

    And I think the ability to see your scale numbers is getting worse. What is UP with that?

    And by July 4th, I bet you’ll be WELL under 200!

    1. The better the hot dog, the less extras I like on it. Seriously, Dietz and Watson is in it’s own class.

      Yes, my scale is demon-possessed. The display is super-light, so I have to increase the saturation on the picture just so the numbers show up in the pic. I put off replacing the scale since it stopped giving me error messages. I just consider the extra effort to be “desktop publishing experience”. At least, that’s how I list it on my resume’. 😉

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