How May Measures Up

June 1, 2011

January 1, 2011


Dates:         5/1                 6/1
Bust           41.75″             41″
Waist         34″                  34″
Belly          38.5″               37.5″
Hips          44.5″               44″
Thigh        27.5″                27″
Arm           14″                   13.75″

I was looking at my May results and thinking “I didn’t do as well as I’d expected.” I mean, I was more focused this month than any previous month, but I lost only 6 pounds. (I’m 201 today.) And I haven’t increased my running distance any. (I’m still only covering 3-4 miles per run.)  So I thought I’d take some more pics and see what other people are seeing. Well, SURPRISE, SURPRISE! I’ve done good. 6 pounds in May. 24 pounds since the January 1 photo.  Not bad!

I purposefully made sure you couldn’t see my face when I took the January picture. And even then, I was too embarrassed to post the photo. Now I’m all “Look at me!” Well, mostly I’m like “Look at me!” It’s taking all the courage I can muster to post these next photos.  Brace yourself.


  1. You look fantastic. The changes since January are astounishing! You should be very happy! You are so inspiring!

    1. Thanks Dacia! The pictures help me when I get frustrated. I’m happy, but I have a way to go.

  2. Amazing photos! Yay you!

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