They Fit!

Remember these pants? They fit! They’re the last size 16s in my closet that I couldn’t get into. I had these pants a long time and I’ve never worn them, so I’m thankful to the June weather pendulum for swinging my way and giving Delaware a cooler day. I thought for a while that by the time I got into these pants, it would be too hot to wear them. But not so!

I’d originally set an unrealistic goal about how long it would take me to fit into these pants. Now I’m learning to let go of arbitrary timelines. When I got started in January, my goal was to lose 50 pounds in 6 months. No problem! Well, that was unrealistic for me. I’ve seen other people do it, sure (damned YouTube!). But I’ve worked hard mostly (disregard February) and I’ve lost 25 pounds in 22 weeks.  If I’d held on to the deadlines I’d set, I’d feel like I failed and probably would have given up in frustration. But I haven’t given up. I’m succeeding.  And now I have new pants!

I’ll post my week 23 weigh-in in a couple days. My scale’s dead after a long bout with error message-itis. I’m having a little lady-bloat right now, but I did get to see the scale read “199” on Wednesday before it gave up the ghost. Wish I’d snapped a picture.  But I’m probably 202-ish today. I’ll have a new scale shortly.  I kind of like not weighing myself every day, especially when I know my weight is in flux this week.


  1. Congratulations!! You’re doing great!
    Keep up the great work :))

  2. Good job! You look GREAT! And way to make the weather bend to your will. And your new scale? You’ll be as light as a feather on it!

    1. Making the weather bend to my will? HA! That’s funny! Thanks for the encouragement. I hope New Scale is a lot kinder to me than Evileen was.

  3. […] get to 175 and hit the 50 pounds lost mark. I mean, I LOVE celebrating milestones. You remember my “They Fit!” excitement when I fit into those size 18 […]

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