Week 25 Weigh-In

June 27, 2011

After gaining weight a couple weeks ago, I started thinking up some ways to speed up weight loss. I thought I could go back to working out twice a day, but then I remembered how little that worked for me in the past. (I didn’t lose weight any faster, and I started to dread working out.) Then I thought I could eat salad every day to cut down more on the rice/potatoes, but then I remembered I don’t like salad. So I decided not to make any drastic (to me)changes. I just don’t want to take short-term measures when what I want are long-term results. To me, that’s a recipe for yo-yo disaster, and I have a hard enough time dealing with weight loss drama as it is.  The weight will come off eventually. Estoy contento.

It’s officially summer now, and I have summer clothes I can fit. Shorts, no less! I’m no longer relegated to 2 heavy, below-the-knee, denim skirts for all summer public appearances. I can cut my grass without feeling like I’m gonna have a heart attack. My collar bone’s made a reappearance. And sometimes, just because I feel lighter, when I hear music, I dance. Estoy mucho contento.

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