How June Measures Up

Dates:         6/1                 7/1
Bust            41″                 40.5″
Waist         34″                 34″
Belly          37.5″              37″
Hips          44″                 43.5″
Thigh        27″                 26.5″
Arm           13.75″           13.5″

The Good:

1. Got in at least 4 high-intensity workouts every week. Most weeks I did 5.
2. Worked in occasional treats while adhering to WW Points Plus’s plan.
3. Ran a 5K.

The Bad:

1. Ate like a ton of watermelons. Fruit has 0 points with WW Points Plus, but not if I gobble it down by the bucketful.
2. Obsessively weighed myself. Unnecessary stress.


Zero net pounds lost in June, but I did get a little smaller according to the tape measure (my only friend).  June is a head-scratcher. I put in the most consistent effort, but I got the least results.  Ahh well. On to the next one.

What are my July weight loss goals?

1. Don’t let the scale get me down.
2. Six workouts per week. (Up from 5)
3. Stick with Weight Watchers.
4. Longer runs. Since I’m running outside now, I stop at 4 miles (2 loops around Brandywine Park) just because. Maybe I can do a 10k in the Fall??

I’m not setting a goal to lose a certain amount of weight in July because…I don’t want to. If I do the right thing the weight will eventually come off, even if it’s at a snail’s pace.


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