Week 29 Weigh-In

July 24, 2011

Still going down! Inertia’s working in my favor now.  Objects in motion tend to stay in motion, and I feel like I’m in that zone.  I get the WW points system.  I do my workouts pretty automatically now.  No more “Ugh, am I really gonna work out today?” whining.  Some say it takes 90 days to form a habit. For me, it was around 27 weeks! (I’ve always been a late bloomer.)

Last week, because of my schedule, I went back to making lunch my larger meal and having a smaller, lunch-like dinner. I like that better for a few reasons. If I’m working out in the evening, it’s good to have already had the biggest meal for fuel.  After dinner I mostly just sit on the sofa if I don’t have a p.m. workout, so there’s less to worry about burning off if I have a smaller dinner.  My larger lunch was Mexican Meatloaf that I read about from another blogger, pineapple-mango salsa, green beans and sweet corn cake.

I don’t usually post specifics about what I eat, because it seems like lots of weight loss bloggers spend lots of time talking about food, food, food. We all gotta eat. But food obsession is what got us to the obese place where some of us started.  I’m really trying to put food in its place. It is necessary. It is fuel. It can be delicious. But it’s not my friend or my reward or my comfort.

When I was in the Army I once had an always-thin roommate who came from a heathy-eating family. Lee casually commented about how when I bought something good, I’d eat it until it was all gone. (She was too polite to add that the gone part usually happened the same day or the next day.)  She, on the other hand, once bought a bag of mini candy bars that lasted her several weeks. I was astonished! At the time I figured she was nuts.  Seeing her candy made me want my own, so I bought a bag, ate the bag, bought and ate another and another. Lee was still on her first bag.

Well, last week Edy’s Fruit Bars were buy one, get one free. I bought 2 boxes. I’ve eaten one bar every other day.  I love these bars. They’re only 2 WW points. But I want to have them for a while. And I have lots of fresh fruit to eat. Somehow, by the mercies of the weight loss gods, I’m not fixated on devouring these snacks. I’m enjoying them in moderation. Who knew moderation could become a habit?

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