How July Measures Up

I’d give July an “A”!

Dates:        7/1                 8/1
Bust           40.5″             40″
Waist         34″                33.25″
Belly          37″                 36.5″
Hips          43.5″              42.5″
Thigh         26.5″              26″
Arm           13.5″              13″

Strong effort. Great results. 1) I didn’t get stressed out when the scale was uncooperative. I lost 6 pounds in July, so it was easy not to get too worked up. Especially after the 0 pound loss in June. 2) I added an extra weekly workout to bring me to 6 days per week. No problem. 3) I stuck with Weight Watchers. 4) I bumped up my long run to 5.4 miles.

I’m not making any significant changes in August, since the July plan was a success.


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