Week 34 Weigh-In

August 28, 2011

Eventful week! I got a new job. I ran a 5k. We had an earthquake (which I didn’t feel). And a hurricane (which I absolutely felt). Also some weight lost.

The LiveStrong Tour de Lance 5k was fun. It was a mid-week race in the evening, but on the warmest day of the week. Still, it wasn’t bad. I ran into a couple of friends there who totally smoked me. I was hoping to beat my previous 5k time of 37:21…and I did! 33:18 baby!! When I rounded the final turn and saw my time, I was like “Hell yeah!”.  Then I sprinted the last .1 mile. Ok, so my sprint was still too slow to pass a 69 year old, but I felt fast.

I'm the sweaty one losing to the old lady.

I stayed for the post-race party, which I don’t normally do. I had a feeling I’d win a raffle prize. I didn’t, but I did get some dinner. Post-race food included pizza, chicken wings and beer. I did enjoy each, but I passed on the ice cream. Concession stand concessions.


  1. Well, you gotta love a rockin’ old broad who WINS HER AGE GROUP!

    Nice PR and weight drop.

    And glad to hear you survived Irene — I worry so.

    Gee, what are you gonna do NEXT week?

    1. She wasn’t messing around! I hope I’ll be her one day, kicking the youngsters’ butts!

      I was so glad to see Irene go. This week I’ll mostly try not to eat up all the emergency supplies I bought, in the event we have a tornado or volcanic eruption or something.

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