How August Measures Up

Awesome August!

Sorry for the headless January pic. O_O

Dates:       8/1           9/1
Bust          40″         39.5″
Waist       33.25″   32.75″
Belly         36.5″       36″
Hips         42.5″       42″
Thigh        26″         25.5″
Arm           13″         13″

I don’t have a lot to say about August. Weight Watchers and working out is pretty automatic now, and the results have been much more consistent lately.

Oh, how could I forget this part? I’m down another size. I’m wearing my 14s now! *doing the running man* It’s nice to get into clothes I totally forgot I even had. When I started out in January, my size 14 pants seemed sooo small to me. I was like “Did I ever actually fit into these?” Now I do. 😉  Except for work scrubs, I’ve gone from a size 20 to a size 14 and I haven’t bought a single pair of pants or a skirt. (And I only bought 1 pair of shorts and my birthday dress.) Just shopping in my closet(s). I have a few 12s too. After that I’ll be in unchartered territory for me, so I’ll get to buy some new things. Maybe I’ll fund it by selling my old clothes. My way of recycling!

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