Week 36 Weigh-In

September 11, 2011

I’m past the halfway point! My goal is to lose 75 pounds. 187.5 was the mid-point. Now I’m on the down slope! Woo-hoo!!

Last week I started the 10p-7a shift at work, but that didn’t affect my workouts.  What did? My knee. I only got in 2 short runs and 1 P90X workout because my knee hurt. But yesterday’s run felt really good, so I expect to get all 6 workouts in this week.

Actually, Saturday’s 3 mile run in the park was my fastest time yet. Every time I take a break from P90X, I run faster. But I absolutely don’t want to cut back on the P90X workouts. I have no doubt that the reason I’ve been able to lose weight consistently lately is that I’ve added muscle.  I think my body today at 186 looks TOTALLY different than it did last time I was 186.  I feel tighter and leaner.  (To celebrate passing the halfway point, I did a little Sunday morning photo shoot in my favorite dress 😉 ) So those P90X workouts (Core, Plyo and Yoga) will stay in my rotation. I’ll just have to get faster a little more slowly.


  1. Hotsy totsy! Good job!

  2. Well look at you!! You look like you weigh 145! MUSCLE! Muah!

  3. Thanks Ladies!! Feelin’ good! 😉

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