Week 37 Weigh-In

Tiny loss. I’m really shocked I didn’t actually gain weight last week! I keep a weight loss calendar and every day I score myself. Last week I circled 3 days in red. There were 3 days that I didn’t exercise and ate way over my Weight Watchers points.  I guess I did just enough to basically hold steady.

I think I figured out the cause of my knee pain after having to take a couple extra rest days last week plus half a bottle of Motrin. My running shoes needed replacing. So I ordered a new pair.  I’ll see after tomorrow’s run in my brand new shoes if I feel better. If I don’t, I’ll maybe shorten my runs for a while. I was super hungry last week. I definitely see a connection between working out and food craving. Somehow, when I work out, I don’t crave the bad stuff as much. But as soon as I slack off, BOOM! I want to eat everything in sight!

I recognized this was happening so I tried to make somewhat healthier choices. Instead of Chinese take-out, I got Korean Barbecue. (Bulgogi — sweet and tangy marinated beef — and Kim Chee.) And instead of a cheesesteak and onion rings, I got a wrap and I baked some sweet potato fries. I’m glad I didn’t go all in with the cravings. I hate to see the scale going backwards.

The decreased workouts weren’t the only reason for my big appetite. It’s getting colder here. When it’s 80 or 90 degrees I don’t have a huge appetite, but as soon as the temperature starts to drop, I just want to eat. Everything. All day. I actually had to go to the store and buy some snack food. I haven’t kept much snack stuff in my house for months, but I felt like if I didn’t have snacks here, I’d just run out and pick up whatever. So I tried to work in granola bars and caramel apples, which led me to being over my WW points allowance. This week I need to re-work my meal plan to fit in some snack space.

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