How September Measures Up

Dates:       9/1          10/1
Bust          39.5″       39″
Waist       32.75″     32″
Belly         36″         35.5″
Hips         42″         41.5″
Thigh        25.5″     25″
Arm           13″         12.75″

Super September! I got to enjoy some of the fruits of my labor this month. I wore clothes I haven’t fit into in years. And I’m running easier.

Not to mention the little victories, like fitting through the space between my desk and the window without turning sideways. When I sat on a bar stool at Happy Hour, I didn’t once freak out worrying about what I looked like from behind. And I noticed I bump into things a lot less. Shrinking in by a half inch every month means fewer bruises. Win win.


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