Week 41 Weigh-In

October 17, 2011

Successful week. I ate pretty well. I even surprised myself at THE best seafood restaurant in Maryland. I brought half home. I know, right! The only thing better than delicious crab cakes is Two Days of Delicious Crab Cakes. It was like a holiday.

I got in 3 runs and 2 P90X workouts last week. And I went to DC and did a healthy bit of walking the National Mall. See, my mom and me at the MLK Memorial. >>

Mom’s actually the one who inspired me to start Weight Watchers. She lost around 30 pounds summer 2010, and I was like “No way Mom’s gonna be hotter than me.” So I got started.

I’ve had a lot of inspiration along this weight loss journey. Some of you read this blog! You guys really should meet.

Latina Barbi and I got started around the same time, weigh around the same thing, and have the same goal. She keeps a very positive outlook, and rolls with her awesome progress and (tiny) setbacks. Her well-adjusted attitude keeps me from freaking out.

Slim Joan runs, bikes, swims, skis, gardens and all around enjoys her life. I want to be her one day, after I learn to swim. And ski. And garden.

The Running Thriver just ran her first marathon! She threw off the shackles of an abusive relationship and found her inner mud-running warrior.

Dacia has lost over 60 pounds and counting since Spring by trying new workouts I’ve never even heard of. She’s open to new things and encourages her readers along the way.

One Twenty Five blog started with a young woman’s goal to lose 75 pounds. How’d she do? Well right now she’s climbing Mt. Everest. Yup.

I thank all of you for keeping me motivated and inspired. And just for giving me good stuff to read in between my Golden Girls marathon sessions. Because of these awesome bloggers, and many more, I don’t feel alone in this thing. Misery loves company. Solidarity!


  1. Hell to the yeah!

    You’re an inspiration to me, too and while I may swim and whatnot, I don’t run, so you’ve got me there. You’ve gotta go with what works, so keep it up. And please send crab cakes. T’ain’t no crabs in Nevada!

    1. I’ll have to get you some. I’m not sure a life without crab cakes is worth living.

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