Week 42 Weigh-In

October 23, 2011

The theme of last week is Spice-pocalypse. I had more than my share of spicy salsa — with eggs for breakfast and with tortilla chips and black beans and cheese for lunch a couple days.  I added extra red pepper flakes since I’d bought some to try a new recipe. Dinner was a spicy Shrimp Fra Diavolo — also with a little extra kick. Good food this week.

I went to a work dinner Thursday night, and I decided to wear an outfit I’d never fit into before. The picture’s not clear, but I got some compliments and I totally felt like a hottie. The skirt’s a wool Banana Republic size 14 circa 2004. It’s a testament to my physical and emotional refusal to turn down a deal. (Shouts out to Mom!) The tag showed an original price of $68 marked down to $26, and I’m sure BR marked another 20-30% off of that. I used to buy stuff that “almost” fit if the price was low enough. At the time it was a major waste of cash, but I would’ve just spent the money on fast food anyway and the clothes are coming in handy now. Score 1 for hindsight.

I wear medical scrubs to work every day, so I haven’t gotten to wear too many of the 14s in my closet. I’m actually surprised so many of them are still in style. I credit my “simple” taste. But at least I don’t have to shop much. Mostly, I’ve bought running gear. The temperature’s dropping and soon I’ll need layers, or I won’t want to leave my house.  I’m still a member of Planet Fitness, but I’m determined to keep running outside as long as it’s possible. Which means “until  the return of snow-pocalypse.”


  1. I’m soo jealous….great job! muah!

    1. We’re BOTH doing a great job!

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