Week 43 Weigh-In

October 30, 2011

Going in the wrong direction. Instead of celebrating 50 pounds lost, I’m just trying to get back to last week’s weight. Today’s weight proves that in weight loss, diet is more important than exercise.  I put in my usual work out effort — including finally breaking below a 10:00 per mile pace on my 3 mile run! — but I let my hormones take over and gave into tooooo many food cravings this week.

(Diet Spoiler Alert: If reading about food makes you crave it, skip this paragraph. I mean it!) I don’t usually do this, but in the spirit of total disclosure, and with my head hung in shame, here’s the bad stuff I ate this week: Sunday: Milky Way bar (no-fun size), Cheese Crisps (which I call gourmet Cheeze-Its).  Monday:  Mocachino with whipped cream, lots of Tostitos. Tuesday: 3 McDonald’s chocolate chip cookies. Wednesday: 2/3 McDonald’s Angus Bacon Cheddar Burger, medium fries,  hot fudge sundae. Thursday: another whole Milky Way bar.  This was Halloween scary.

Yeah. I’ll blame the hormones. But I started to steer out of the skid on Thursday when I decided to make this Parmesean-crusted chicken with apples and leeks. De-licious! McDonald’s is within walking distance to my house (although I never walk there) so it’s an easy fall-back. I used to eat there 5 times a week sometimes. And I don’t mean the salad. That’s part of what got me to 225. The simple act of cooking my own food has been a huge part of my weight loss. That was very clear last week.

I’m disappointed in my eating last week, but I’m focused now. I’ve been doing this long enough to know that the get-back-up is more important than the fall-down. My eyes are still on the 50 Pound prize! 175.0 here I come!


  1. WowZA! I’m 177.6!! Well look at us DOLL!!

    1. Woo hoo! You’re coming up on a big milestone too!

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