Week 46 Weigh-In

November 20, 2011

November 20, 2011

I had a great time at the Turkey Trot 10k  Saturday. Not many turkey costumes ( 😦 ), but lots of shorts and t-shirts at the 39 degree (!) start.  Don’t know how they did it without freezing their cutlets off. I wore a thin fleece jacket and it took 2 miles for my fingers to stop throbbing. I was like 3 minutes from Frostbite DefCon 5. But my legs worked fine. I wanted to finish in 65 minutes. My official time was 63:23! Sweet! My mom did the 5k, but I was too tired/cold/eager to hunt down the Chick-fil-a sponsor table to walk with her. She made some friends on the walk as usual, after she passed a group chatting about recipes. She said they weren’t “in it to win it”. See why I like to compete?

Enough with last week. We know what’s coming this week: Sweet potatoes and stuffing and pies, oh my. Never in my life have I tried to hold back on the Thanksgiving gorging eating, but this year I’d really like to still lose 1 pound this week. There I said it. Does that sound ridiculous? I know I can recover from 1 huge meal and still post a decent loss for the week, but this isn’t one huge meal…it’s Feast-a-palooza! So I must have a plan. You know what’s next…

Steph’s Thanksgiving Plan:

  • 2 meals. Normally, because of my grande extended family, my holiday lasts from Wednesday through Sunday. This week I’ll eat at Mom & Dad’s Thursday and bring enough home for Friday only. But I won’t bother to track Weight Watcher’s points for those meals. I don’t think my tracker can count that high.
  • 1 beverage at dinner. Not glass after glass of drink after drink. Then water or maybe diet soda (which I don’t love).
  • 0 dinner rolls. Unnecessary. Another “don’t love” item.
  • 1/2 desserts. I’ll probably still try everything. Desserts is my thing. But I’ll cut them in half and only bring 1 serving home.
  • 9 workouts 11/20 – 11/26. 4 P90X workouts / 4 short runs / 1 long run / 1 rest day. Back to some 2-a-days. (I’m writing this Sunday @ 6:35am, and I already have 1 P90X workout down.)

So that’s my plan to lose 1 pound next week. It’s gonna take all kinds of willpower to stick to it, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable. I mean just last week I took 3 days to eat 1 candy bar. Boom. Restraint. How do you plan to handle the week? Feast or famine? Let me know.


  1. Do you think your weight loss increases by running or walking? I ran 4 miles without stopping yesterday…but I want to make sure I still lose like I do when I walk uphill on the treadmill..

    1. 4 miles! Nice! Welcome back to running 🙂

      I’m losing more now that I’m running than when I mostly walked. But I think the length of the workouts has something to do with it. “They” say the first 20 minutes of a workout burns recent food taken in. After 20 min you burn off stored fat.

  2. what about burning fat from when I was in high school? LOL

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