Week 47 Weigh-In

November 27, 2011

*curse words* I gained 2 pounds. I really did want to lose 1 pound last week. I also really did want to eat those cookies, the chips and queso dip and all that german chocolate cake. And that was BEFORE Thanksgiving day.  I actually stuck with my plan. I got in 8 of 9 planned work outs last week. I ate only 1 plate on Thanksgiving day and 1 plate of leftovers on Friday. No rolls. One glass of punch. Small desserts. But I was totally caught off guard by the superfluous amounts of foods just hanging out everywhere I went, talkin’ to me like “Hey, didn’t you work out twice yesterday? Grab a slice of me.” *guilty sigh* At work I ate like every hour on the hour. I mean EVERYBODY brought in sweets. Kryptonite.

So, yes I gained instead of losing. But I can’t tell you how glad I am that I’m not back over 175. I was really nervous about that. I’d hate to give back my 50 pound crown. (I didn’t get a crown, but don’t you think I should have? At least a tasteful tiara.) I take my measurements on December 1, and I’d really like to be back to 172. Some of this weight has to be just bloat, right?

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