Week 49 Weigh-In

December 11, 2011

169 pounds is a big deal for me! I’m now back to my all-time low adult weight. I weighed 169 briefly when I was a new soldier (in 2001) stationed at Fort Hood– after training but before I met my let’s-go-out-to-eat-and-get-some-dranks buddies. We took a PT test every 6 months where we were also weighed and measured, and my first PT test had me recorded at 169 pounds. After that, my weight steadily climbed to 186 lbs over 5 years. Then I got out of the Army.  Hello 225.

The Army’s what first introduced me to running. In basic training we ran in running groups based on our 2-mile run times. I was put in the slowest group. I hated that. I put myself in the next fastest group and huffed and puffed my way to becoming a (slightly) better runner. When I got to my permanent duty station PT was slightly less strenuous, so if I felt like we didn’t get it in during morning PT, I’d put on my running shoes after work and do another 4 or 6 miles. Yeah, I was one of those.

I didn’t realize how much I missed running these last few years. I get to be a competitor, a daydreamer, a self-help expert…all during one run. And my legs look pretty freakin’ good.

I ran a 5 mile race last Sunday that put my legs to the test. (Approx. 54:20. Didn’t properly affix my chip.) Hills, hills, hills. Struggle, struggle, walk. But the race organizers were kind enough to a) have the runners finish in a stadium with awesome music pumped through the loud speakers and b) give us post-race pizza. So even though during mile 3 of the 5 miler, I actually said out loud “I’m over this.  Where’s my car?” the fun finish made me think about running it again next year to see how much faster I can do it. On my way home, I even drove through a couple different neighborhoods looking for some hillier routes than my usual. I think I’m back!


  1. Ooooh! I love the picture! LOVE IT. It’s good to see that “evidence” of yourself losing weight and doing/being healthy. Congrats on the low weight, Steph!

  2. Thanks! Definitely my best race photo ever! Glad they didn’t catch me walking/complaining ;-).

  3. Awesome – the race and the 169. You’ve got it!

  4. So proud of you!! 169…a new decade! muah!

  5. Congratulations and keep up the great job running. I see a Black Girls Run group every Sunday morning. I really need to join the movement.

    1. Thanks. I really like my local BGR! group. Great ladies and all different levels of runners. Give ’em a try!

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