Happy New Year!!

We’re here! 2012! I hope your 2011 was wonderful. Or at least was a good jumping-off point for what will be the legendary Year of the Dragon. For me 2011 was all about work. On my body.  At my job. But I didn’t put much effort into other parts of me. Good thing the new year’s here.

This year I want to round things out. You know, hobby and social life and financial things. Some people are down on New Year’s resolutions. They’re all “Grrr. I don’t make resolutions. NOBODY keeps them.”  Well, I do*.

Previous successful resolutions:

  • 2008: Wear more accessories
  • 2009: Don’t buy a new car** / Get a passport and use it
  • 2010: Learn to apply eye makeup like a boss / Grow a sweet afro
  • 2011: Complete 1 round of P90X / Cook / Enter more contests

So building on my past success, and looking forward to what purports to be my awesomest year yet, I resolve to do a few things.

For 2012:

  1. Make my own soup — less canned food in general.
  2. Add 2 new workouts to my rotation — maybe Insanity and swimming. first must learn to swim.
  3. Qualify for Match.com’s 6 month guarantee — either I get my money back or…love.
  4. Make my face look 5 years younger — okay, not specific. I mean, start anti-wrinkle, anti-aging protocol. any recommendations?
  5. Spend 2 hours a week on a new hobby — new hobby tbd…guitar/sewing/writing a bestseller??
  6. Initiate contact with one old friend every month.

So wish me luck. I wish you all the best for 2012.  Any resolutions of your own?

*if the resolution is specific enough and I can still remember it at the end of the year.  **paid off my car but then totaled it. bought another with insurance money. still counts as a win.

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