Week 52 Weigh- In

January 2, 2012

Because it’s a new year, some new people may read this post looking for a little encouragement. I don’t give much advice because I don’t know much. But I’ve failed at weight loss many times before getting to this point, and there are some things I wish I’d known earlier.

First, don’t make perfection your goal. That makes it too convenient to quit when you make a mistake. Instead make the goal to do better. I was a binger. I still backslide. I’m proud I’ve learned to shorten the duration. In February the backslide was 2 weeks. Recently I’ve been able to pull it together after just a binge-like meal or two. Doing better.

Second, a healthier diet means more food options, not less. At 225 lbs my diet consisted of burgers, fries, cheesesteaks, Chinese takeout and pizza. Now that I’m cooking for myself, I don’t think I’ve repeated a dinner (excluding leftovers) in the last 3 months. Lots of delicious options out there! 

Third, progress is cumulative. I don’t know why I never got this in the past. If I put in a couple weeks of effort and only lost a pound or two, I’d say “This isn’t worth it!” and quit. But every pound, every meal, every workout adds up. I’ve gone from a size 20 to a size 10 in 12 months, and I never lost 10 pounds in a month. If I’d quit in April when I’d lost just 6 pounds over 3 grueling months, I’d still be obese. So glad I kept going.  AND joined Weight Watchers.

I’m not an expert. I’m not even at my goal. But I hope, wherever you are in your journey, this helps.  Good luck to you!


  1. Pure awesomeness!

  2. Just a faithful lurker. But you are gorgeous. And such an inspiration. Thank you for putting yourself out there!

    1. Thanks for de-lurking, Lisa…and for leaving such a sweet comment!

      Happy 2012!

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