Week 54 Weigh-In: I Ran 10 Miles

January 16, 2012

I ran the Icicle Ten Miler Sunday. (Notice lack of exclamation point to convey unusually somber tone.) I’m still thawing out. It was 18 degrees outside but brutally windy. I hated the first 2 miles and even considered quitting. I don’t know how long it takes for frostbite to kick in, but I thought my nose was going to break clean off. And I was sure I’d lose a finger. But by mile 3, I could again feel all my external parts. So I kept running. 1:46:03. Bib# 293.The course started flat, took us uphill for miles 3-6, then all downhill miles 7-10…except for the very end. Who puts the biggest hill at the end of a race? Sadists. The very same jokers who hold a race in Wilmington, DE on January 15, the coldest day of the year. And I’m not exaggerating. We were above 50 degrees last weekend. Then race day comes and BOOM! Frozen Tundra.But I survived. A couple acquaintences (sounds so stuffy, huh?) also ran the race and were super surprised to see me there about to run 10 miles and looking like a total hottie doing it. Hotties wear layers, right?

As soon as the race was over, I felt immediately entitled to eat whatever. I mean WHATEVER. So I did. But the spicy salsa I put on my nachos in combination with the greasy Krispy Kreme donut gave me…um, shall I say intestinal distress. So even though I was a bad girl after the run, I lost weight this week. Yucky success.

I hear you judging me. I’m still struggling with the “I want to eat a lot because it’s cold” issue. I don’t have this problem in summer, but they call it comfort food for a reason. I know I need to do better with this. “Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle.” ~MLK.  This week I promise to find some healthy alternatives to nachos and cheese and warm donuts. Because I’m totally not running 10 miles just for them *exclamation point for emphasis*!

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