Week 55 Weigh-In: Enter the Dragon

January 23, 2012

First, Happy Lunar New Year! 2012 is the Year of the Dragon. Do something Legendary!

What’s not legendary? My 0.8 pound loss this week.  I put myself on a new schedule, and it’s really eff-ing with my diet:

10pm – 7am       work
8am                     workout
9am                     breakfast
10am – 12pm chain snacking
12pm – 7pm       bed
9pm                    dinner

You see the problem. I have utterly failed to stop eating after breakfast. I blamed the cold weather last week, so I thought having a hot breakfast after work would solve the problem. False. I guess I’ll try to get back on my old schedule:

10pm – 7am      work
8am – 3pm       sleep
3pm                   workout
5pm                   breakfast
5pm – 9pm      whatever involves not shoveling food into mouth
9pm                  dinner

I’ve been around 165 lbs for over a month. I’m working out too hard to sabotage my own efforts. I’m spending my WW activity points on snacks like fiber cereal, unsalted almonds and Greek yogurt.  I mean we’re not even talking ice cream and cake here!

I really am working hard! I started the Insanity workouts last week. Yeah, it’s insane. My friend in Seattle is supposed to start next week, so it’ll be good to have a workout buddy, even if it’s long distance. Winter weather finally hit Delaware, so Insanity’s just in time. I hope to still get in 2 runs a week, but if I don’t I’m covered. These workouts are Legendary!

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