Week 56 Weigh-In: The Reward

January 30, 2012

Sweet! The Insanity workouts are doing their job! I was worried that since I was getting closer to my goal weight, weight loss would slow down. But high intensity interval training is still burning the fat off me. I can run 10 miles, but I get totally winded during the Insanity warm-up and I take lots of breaks. Oh well, I act like I can finish and eventually I will.

Knee pain came back so I bought a new pair of Asics for long runs and a new pair of orthotics for my Adidas for the short runs. You’re supposed to replace your shoes after 300-500 miles. I only got about 250 miles out of the Adidas, but I supinate severely (#science) and I’m considered a Clydesdale (#judgmental), so I wore the shoes out. I’ll still try to get a little more time out of them by using them for short runs only with the orthotics.

2010 Hobby: Restauranting — 2012 Hobby: Rocking

What else have I bought recently? Only my I’m-a-healthy-weight-yayy Guitar! I call her Toca. I made it a to healthy weight of 168 mid-December, but I was waiting for a good after-Christmas sale (#cheap). I can play absolutely nothing, but I have an awesome Jimi Hendrix t-shirt, so I look the part. “Fake it ‘til you make it.” Works for Insanity. Works for music.


  1. Awesome job!! Did you buy the dvds? How much were they I really need to step it up! teeter totter!

    1. I was too chicken to buy it off Craig’s List. I bought it from the Beachbody website for $117 including club member discount. (Then I cancelled the membership and got the $40 fee refunded.) So far I’d say it’s worth it. I decided to cancel my gym membership since I can’t stand the treadmill anyway.

  2. jeanadero · · Reply

    You look like a totally different person! Nice…

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