Quinoa Crab Cakes

quinoa crab cakes

I’ve never had a Doritos Locos Taco; I’m afraid I’d get addicted. I have no interest in juicing; I’d rather actually eat my food. If there’s “buzz” about a certain food, I’m probably not interested. But out of curiosity I broke down and gave quinoa a try. Lots of food bloggers are singing quinoa’s praises. It’s a seed used like a grain that is gluten-free and has protein. But to me it didn’t seem to offer much more nutritional value than oatmeal (which I love and eat all year round).

I was missing an important point. Quinoa is super versatile. It’s like a rice and a cereal all in one. I made myself some crab cakes this week. I’m a Delawarean. I don’t go 2 weeks without a crab meat fix. But instead of bread crumbs, I used cooked quinoa. The switch gave them a slightly crunchy texture, which I liked but may not be for everyone.  I didn’t follow a recipe, but I pretty much did this, but went heavy on the Old Bay, used lime juice instead of lemon, no mayo or butter, and cooked with canola oil. I’ll probably make them this way from here on in. I don’t like the idea of bread crumbs. Something about shredding perfectly good bread seems just wrong.

So far, I’ve also had quinoa for breakfast by dressing it up like I do my oatmeal,  made a rice pudding-type dessert with quinoa, and made chocolate chip cookie bars by food-processing the quinoa into a flour. They all came out delicious enough that it took major effort to not eat all of it in one sitting. I think this little seed’s found a place in my arsenal. I knew it. I’m hooked.


  1. Uh, YUUUMMMMM! Of course, you could probably put crab on dog doo and I’d eat it. The West Coast Dungeness crab season was kind of sucky this year, so I didn’t get my New Year’s fix. Is the canned stuff okay?

  2. Yuck Joan! The imagery!! (I once saw a “diet expert” recommend this type of visualization to combat food cravings…Didn’t work for my brownie jones, though.)

    I can only speak for the Phillips brand refridgerated crab meat. It’s very good. Phillips Seafood Resaurant is a Maryland institution, but they harvest a lot of their seafood from Asia. I bought a super-cheap can from Trader Joe’s, but I’m afraid to use it!

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