Baking Amish [+ Weigh In]

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I Love being a Delawarean. My state’s a small wonder. It’s home to beautiful beaches, tax-free shopping, and deliciously awesome communities. Most beloved, The Amish. Yup, Dover has a full-on Amish community. That surprises people who pass through visit, but I’ve seen Amish kids park their horse and buggy in the mall parking lot and go to the movie theater (true story), so nothing surprises me.

Our local grocery stores used to sell lip-smacking, Amish-made food (OMG the macaroni salad!), but that stopped a few years ago. Now the best place to buy their food is at Byler’s. (FYI: It’s not Amish-run so there is electricity.)  It’s 50 miles from me so I’d never been there before. Well, Saturday was my day.

I assume the Amish use fewer pesticides and preservatives in/on their food (I have done zero research), so since I’m cleaning up my eating I was excited to shop at Byler’s with my mom. Prices were very good. Quinoa $3.99/pound. Maple syrup 16oz for $7.99.

bulk_1 lot photo 4 photo 2

I refrained from taking pictures of the Amish shoppers in the store out of respect for the community’s views on photography, but it probably would’ve been okay cuz movie theater.


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  1. […] lunch I had Memorial Day leftovers: fried fish heavy on the hot sauce, Amish macaroni salad from Byler’s and baked beans. Snack was fresh pineapple and almonds. (This was a terrible combination btw. […]

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