Motion and Dressed – Graduation BBQ

yup, classy bathroom art

yup, classy bathroom art

I’d like to apologize to my clothes for gaining weight, then losing weight, then gaining weight again. I’ve put my jeans to the test. Just when they thought they were getting some relief, we’re back to pulling at the seams. Special thanks to my American Eagle crops for being the most forgiving. Today I salute a particular piece of clothing that helps me hide some of my recent indiscretions…my tomato red swing dress. It’s been with me from size 10 to 14, and I hope it’ll stick with me back to 10 again.

The summer party season is here, and this makes me nervous. This is exactly when I derailed last year. All the eating and drinking and “I’m just living my life” made me find 30 pounds I’d worked so hard to lose. Last weekend was my cousin Cam’s high school graduation party. (Full disclosure: He’s actually my cousin’s son, but that makes me sound older than I’m prepared to lie about not being.) When I got the party invitation, my first thoughts were 1. What will I wear to look thin? 2. I hope Russ is making the cake. See my dilemma?

A year and a half into weight loss and my goal in dressing is still the same as it was 45 pounds ago. I want to look smaller than I am. That’s common, right? But I also have the pressure of trying to hide the gainback. People just got used to the smaller me; I don’t want them to be disappointed in me.  Okay, so that pressure is self-inflicted. And imaginary. It’s still real.

It was a 90 degree day so the solution was my hi/lo sundress from Old Navy circa 2012. See their 2013 version. One of numerous commonalities I share with Michelle Obama and Princess Kate: I recycle my fashion faves.  It kept me cool while looking smokin’ hot — amiright? And no cake-prohibitive waistband!


  1. Stop apologising for your lovely self sweetie, you look beautiful either way x

    1. Thanks for your kind words. 🙂

  2. I know that feeling. Jeans never lie. You can always rely on them to kick home that you’ve gained weight.
    You look great in the red dress. Hope you had a great day.

    1. Yeah, jeans are like truth serum!

      I did have fun, thanks!

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