Breaking My Word

A few months ago I decided to take a more DIY approach to food — if I could make it myself, I would. If I couldn’t make it myself, I wouldn’t eat much of it. I’ve made significant progress with this. I’ve basically kicked my Lean Cuisine and Progresso Soup habit. I make a mean white bean and kale soup now, I must say. No question the homemade bread’s an upgrade. Even my flour tortillas, not quite round…more like the shape of the state of Texas, aren’t terrible.

morningstar farmsBut I’ve also added in some processed items that don’t look anything like their original form. MorningStar Farms Buffalo “Chicken” is EVERYTHING! I never want to experience life without them. These soy-and-whatever nuggets satisfy my hot wing cravings (is it just me?) and make a nice addition to a salad.

muscle milk









This protein powder gives my smoothies and DIY protein bars good flavor and a protein punch. Apparently a mix of whey and casein proteins post workout increases weight loss and muscle growth, so I bought a big ol’ jug of the stuff. At first I had some regret about picking the cookies and cream flavor, but it’s basically vanilla. I have no idea how this is made. Probably from milk?? Who knows. I love it.

So what other premade stuff am I missing out on?


  1. I went the same route of eliminating pre-made stuff, but because my doctor looked at me and said “The next step is an EpiPen.” So I decided to stop baiting my immune system with a suicidal game of chicken and actually be strict about eliminating dairy. Which means unfortunately that I can’t have most pre-made stuff, because you wouldn’t BELIEVE how many things have “milk solids” added to them.
    Processed stuff–oat milk (SOOO much tastier than soy), cereal (I am never going to get muesli that crispy or relatively light in calories) and soy protein powder. I cannot face meat or eggs in the mornings and without it my protein intake doesn’t meet the RDI. Also, I end up hungry.
    I guess my one indulgence is bacon. I know that’s processed like woah, but it’s still my weekly indulgence. Bacon and a poached egg and cooked tomatoes and mushrooms and spinach. Mmmm.

    1. Oh, I’ll never quit bacon. NEVER! Or Scrapple (Delaware’s claim to fame.)

      I’ve actually never heard of oat milk. I might give it a try. I’m loving almond milk now. Correction: I love sweetened, vanilla-flavored almond milk. I’m not totally done with dairy, but I’m over cow’s milk.

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