I Left My Heart in Costa Rica!

Weather’s getting cooler. Days are getting shorter. I couldn’t be happier. Maybe it’s denial. Or Maybe I’M STILL ON A HIGH FROM MY TRIP TO COSTA RICA!!

I’m in love!

Not much pre-trip, weight-related freak-out this time. I did want to go from a size 14/16 to a size 12. I had 10 weeks to lose 15 pounds. I lost zero. (Oddly, I took 1.25 inches off my hips and 0.75 inch off my waist, but the scale didn’t budge.) But I have a carnival-type mirror in my bedroom that makes me look better in a 2-piece swimsuit than I look in photos. So I was good to go.

Mi amiga is a size 6 who thinks her stomach’s not flat enough for a bikini. *blank stare*  So I can’t imagine what she thought of me parading around with my belly, and side meat, and back fat and jiggly thighs all exposed. And I didn’t care. Cuz Costa Rica!!

I had an amazing, life-affirming, fear-facing-down (Yikes!) trip of a lifetime! See for yourself:

Rappelled down 4 waterfalls in Arenal without dying.

Arenal  Rode horseback to La Fortuna and swam sat in the cold, gorgeous Falls.La Fortuna Catamaran cruise to snorkel off Playas del Coco. I wish I could’ve taken pics of what was going on down there!

SnorkelingRandom gratuitous pics of Arenal Springs Resort and Spa in Arenal and RIU Guanacaste in Playa Matapalo.Bonita


  1. Lovely, just lovely. And Costa Rica is pretty, too! 😉 Thanks for letting us know what’s going on with you!

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