Motion and Dressed – Concert [+ Weigh In]

The Uniform Everyone’s aware I’m single. Some seem more aware than others. My Mom’s showing strangers my Facebook profile pic at my nephew’s football games. My brother, however, refuses to introduce me to his eligible friends. I accept that I’m at an age where, if I want to have a baby, I cannot afford to leave my house without looking presentable. No more bare-faced Acme Market trips or I-slept-in-these-clothes-but-I-really-need-coffee runs. Those days are OVAH! (Til I hook a dude and can let myself go 😉 )

So when I know I’m going somewhere with the possibility of single men, I bring my A-game AND I wear the uniform. That uniform for me is a pencil skirt and sleeveless top. I’m what they call “curvy”. I’m also what they call a woman (yup), therefore I have parts of me I really want to change. My hips are 12.5 inches bigger than my waist. That’s off, right? And No matter how many rounds of Insanity and P90X I do, my arms are more pillowy than steel.

I used to have a list of Things I Don’t Wear:

  • no sleeveless tops or dresses
  • no tucking in shirts
  • no shorts above the knee
  • no skinny belts
  • no prints on bottom
  • only a-line skirts

And this was in my teens!

The hater voice in my head still tells me to dress to hide my flabby, hippy-ness. But men’s voices are a little louder. And they say “tight skirts FTW!” I’m not ashamed to admit that now I get a little confidence boost from compliments. Maybe it helps me put my “flaws” into perspective. Maybe I’m shallow. It’s just strange to me that we see things so differently. I feel sorry for the girl who sweated out her summers in shrugs and long pants. I’d go back and tell her to get over it; a little jiggle isn’t the end of the world.

So I’ve learned to dress to accentuate the negative. And that has taught me to appreciate my disproportionality. Last night it also got me a free drink.

11_2_2013 **Weigh-In**

I weigh exactly what I weighed May 31. I did get up to 185 sometime in August, but once I booked my Costa Rica trip, I got back on track.  Or, like, parallel to said track. My goal is to see 179 on my scale by November 15. I’ll keep you posted.


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