Me…In Motion

Hola! My name is Stephanie. I’m a thirty-something, reforming underachiever.  (A chick’s gotta keep some secrets.)  I have an adorable little dog named Star. Oh, and I’m totally obsessed with my hair. I’m attempting to return to the fit lifestyle I enjoyed while I was in the Army several years ago.  I want to push my body and my mind to greatness! Or at least to not-terrible-ness.

This blog is a journal of my weight-loss journey. I started at 225 pounds in January 2011. Obese. Unhappy. Knowing I could do better. My goal weight is 150 pounds, I guess. Not really sure, since I’ve never been a normal-weight adult.  I’m using a combination of Weight Watchers Points Plus, P90X and running to get me in motion.


Old Hobby / New Hobby

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