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I Left My Heart in Costa Rica!

Weather’s getting cooler. Days are getting shorter. I couldn’t be happier. Maybe it’s denial. Or Maybe I’M STILL ON A HIGH FROM MY TRIP TO COSTA RICA!! I’m in love! Not much pre-trip, weight-related freak-out this time. I did want to go from a size 14/16 to a size 12. I had 10 weeks to lose […]

The Past 12 Months [+ Weigh In]

1. Got down to 159 pounds. 2. Wore a 2-piece swim suit. 3. Started dating a decent guy who liked bars. Worked out 0 times in June/July/August. 4. Gained 12 pounds. 5. Flew to Chicago solo for a Prince(!) concert. 6. Ran the Delaware Distance Classic 15k with approximately 2 weeks of preparation. 7. Totally destroyed […]

11 Things I Became in 2011

a racer: three 5ks, an 8k, a 10k and a 15k a vampire. (they’re popular,  no?): thanks to working the night shift. a blogger: thanks to you guys! someone who cooks: was New Year’s resolution #1 a contest winner: Enter more contests was New Year’s resolution #3 a P90X grad: resolution #2 a New Year’s resolution […]

Week 50 Weigh-In

* I was sick for the better part of the week, but I think I did a decent job of rehydrating. Still, the number may be a little flu skewed. Feeling better now. Also, the flu helped push me into healthy weight range with a BMI of 24.6. According to The Man, a 5 foot 9 […]

How November Measures Up

11/2/2011                12/3/2011 Bust          38″           37.25″ Waist        31.5″         30.5″ Belly         35″           34″ Hips          41″          40.5″ Thigh        24.5″         24″ Arm          12.5″          12″ November turned out to be a good month, even with my Thanksgiving week shenanigans. Joined a local running club. Running with others reminds me of my Army days. *doubletime…MARCH!* Ran the Turkey Trot 10k in the just-above-freezing cold. […]

How October Measures Up

Dates:       10/1       11/2 Bust           39″        38″ Waist        32″         31.5″ Belly         35.5″      35″ Hips         41.5″       41″ Thigh       25″          24.5″ Arm         12.75″      12.5″ For me, the month of October was a lot like the 15k I ran…strong start, painful finish. I lost some focus in late October, but it still turned out to be a very good month.

Week 40 Weigh-In

I did it! I ran the 15k today!! 1:48:16. I feel so AWESOME! I mean, my knees hurt, my right hip is sore, and my feet ache. But I feel great. Like I accomplished something. In the past I would’ve wished I could run this race, I would’ve signed up for the race. Then I […]