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Motion and Dressed – Concert [+ Weigh In]

 Everyone’s aware I’m single. Some seem more aware than others. My Mom’s showing strangers my Facebook profile pic at my nephew’s football games. My brother, however, refuses to introduce me to his eligible friends. I accept that I’m at an age where, if I want to have a baby, I cannot afford to leave my house without looking presentable. […]

I Left My Heart in Costa Rica!

Weather’s getting cooler. Days are getting shorter. I couldn’t be happier. Maybe it’s denial. Or Maybe I’M STILL ON A HIGH FROM MY TRIP TO COSTA RICA!! I’m in love! Not much pre-trip, weight-related freak-out this time. I did want to go from a size 14/16 to a size 12. I had 10 weeks to lose […]

Pitfalls and Partying

Hellooo Summer. Twelve weeks of partying and pitfalls. Already I’ve spent a couple days in Atlantic City with my family not winning big. A couple days at the Firefly Music Festival with the hipsters and Public Enemy not not drinking delicious beer. Lots of syrupy pancakes with fresh local berries. Some karaoke. My first taste […]

Motion and Dressed – Graduation BBQ

I’d like to apologize to my clothes for gaining weight, then losing weight, then gaining weight again. I’ve put my jeans to the test. Just when they thought they were getting some relief, we’re back to pulling at the seams. Special thanks to my American Eagle crops for being the most forgiving. Today I salute a particular piece of […]

The Past 12 Months [+ Weigh In]

1. Got down to 159 pounds. 2. Wore a 2-piece swim suit. 3. Started dating a decent guy who liked bars. Worked out 0 times in June/July/August. 4. Gained 12 pounds. 5. Flew to Chicago solo for a Prince(!) concert. 6. Ran the Delaware Distance Classic 15k with approximately 2 weeks of preparation. 7. Totally destroyed […]

Week 20 Weigh-In

This week’s weight loss is a milestone for me. According to the CDC’s guidelines, I’m no longer obese…just plain old overweight. So I’ve just significantly reduced my risk for diabetes, heart disease, breast cancer, infertility and high blood pressure. Go me! Milestone #2…Friday night, while I was rockin’ a size 16 pencil skirt I bought […]

What’s the Point?

Today’s weigh-in has me down. But it’s not the scale I’m mad at. My former boyfriend got engaged. I got sad. Truth be told, I thought about that a lot this week. Crappy Spring Break. Then the tsunami hit Japan. More than 10,000 people killed. What’s the point of any of it? Fitness. Eating well. […]